---Warning my Blog may be triggering---I do not promote self harm in anyway this is just to express myself--- ✮✮ Welcome to My Life ✮☆✮✮ Im Whitney✮✮ Im 18 years old✮✮ My blog is for me to express all my thoughts and feelins✮✮ Im trying to recover but sadly I seem to always relapse Im trying to stay strong tho✮✮ If you ever feel like no one cares Im always here for you I care. ✮✮ My Ask box is always open if you need someone or you wanna talk✮☆


❤️I’ll love you forever and always❤️

I want you forever, forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We’ll grow old together, and always remember
Whether happy or sad or whatever
We’ll still love each other, forever and always
Forever and always, forever and always